F9 transplants a forest in ROLL CALL, but this guy’s for real!

Read the CSGlobe online. Jadab Payeng of India worked from 16 years old to when he was 47, planting a forest in an area of his homeland in Mulai that was wiped out by floods. 1360 acres! In ROLL CALL F9 Transplants transplants an entire forest because the author breathed life into the idea–but this guy, Payeng, did it one tree at a time. Celebrating his amazing environmental accomplishment.

About Gwen Mansfield

Gwen Mansfield is the author of the historical fiction EXPERIMENT STATION ROAD, the musical RESISTANCE and the stage plays: GRACE DINER, EXPERIMENT STATION ROAD, and YOU'VE GOT 90 SECONDS. This is her first novel in the young adult genre. The character and plot surprises she discovered while writing ROLL CALL made it impossible to say goodbye to Avery DeTornada and inspired her to continue writing books two an three. INSIDE THE THIRD (available December 2015) and RELUCTANT WARRIORS. Gwen lives in the Northwest with her husband and children. View all posts by Gwen Mansfield

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