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Experiment Station Road Book Cover

Cover design and cover photo © 2011 by Sherri M. Miller

Experiment Station Road
historical fiction

Experiment Station Road, a quirky but poignant coming-of-age story, invites the reader through a decade of discovery with Ellen Merrill as she slams into community prejudice, advocates with Cesar Chavez and conceals a clandestine but sweet romance. Ellen’s revelation is clear: the value of a solo voice lifted in a community of noise shakes up the world and allows the experiment to continue.

In 1962, twelve-year-old Ellen Merrill finds herself in the midst of a revelation: the townsfolk of Hayford, Oregon live with two sets of standards–one for the Anglos and one for the Mexicans. “It was the only time I ever heard from God. ‘Prejudice demands an age of accountability–how old are you?’ It was the weirdest thing. His voice sounded just like Johnny Cash, but his vocab reeked like someone studying way too hard for the SATs.” Through the next decade of her life Ellen chases equality, and in spite of her parents and the heritage of a town’s racism, she catches glimpses of justice.

“She is able to create a world within the pages of her novel that not only draws me in, but asks the hard questions that other novels of prejudice only hint at. Experiment Station Road is a gem for anyone interested in the history of migrant workers, the hope for those that believe in hard work, or the beauty of true love conquering all, even prejudice.” -Paige Mitchell

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