Monthly Archives: November 2015

Writer’s Groups Inspire

Love speaking to writers group. The time I spent this month speaking to “Penning on the Peninsula” inspired me! The topic “Character Movement” was intriguing, and I enjoyed putting together the materials to teach. However the passion of these writers left an impact on me.
One writer asked me, “What is your writing passion this month?” Bam! Didn’t have to plan that answer. It haunts me daily. It’s the surprises I am finding along the journey while writing book #2 of the Roll Call Triology–Inside the Third.
Read more this week about what those surprises are, including: “Avery and McGinty–It’s Not a Love Triangle Anymore,”  “Avery–the Temper That Taunts,” and “Pasha–Even a Self-Proclaimed Genius Can Take a Fall.”