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Finish Line–Inside The Third

IMG_6882Artist’s finishing touches on the map for Book #2 in the Roll Call Trilogy,  Inside The Third

Getting toward the finish line on Inside The Third. For me, it has been a fierce and passionate journey of discovery to accompany the characters as they jump forward in time to 2088, five years after the first book. Their adventures intensify. Their conflicts ramp up. Their relationships flex between unholy alliances, strategic complexities, and unconditional love. And the surprises–well, they just don’t stop.  We’re making final adjustments to the map on the inside cover of the book. Here’s a peak. Take a look at where you’ll be traveling when you open page one of Inside The Third

*Ash, the new capital of The Third, looming at the north end of the receded Waters of Erie.

*Colony G and The 28 United, at the west end of the lake, hidden in the savanna grasses of a deserted zoo.

*The Baloon-tech Colonies, to the south of the lake, unknown and undiscovered by the warring forces of The 28 United and The Third.

*The New Coastline, the carved out coastline after Jurbay fell, submerging and sinking twenty-two western states in 2067.

*The Anteater’s Nose, a remaining section of the Waters of Michigan, hanging off the New Coastline.

*The Dark Market, Degnan’s creation, thirty-five miles of submerged cars, housing his commerce giant, unmarked weapon cars for The Third, and perverse offerings for the pleasure of the upper tier clients.

Launch date…early May, 2017! Amazon, Kindle, Barnes and Nobel.

Writer’s Groups Inspire

Love speaking to writers group. The time I spent this month speaking to “Penning on the Peninsula” inspired me! The topic “Character Movement” was intriguing, and I enjoyed putting together the materials to teach. However the passion of these writers left an impact on me.
One writer asked me, “What is your writing passion this month?” Bam! Didn’t have to plan that answer. It haunts me daily. It’s the surprises I am finding along the journey while writing book #2 of the Roll Call Triology–Inside the Third.
Read more this week about what those surprises are, including: “Avery and McGinty–It’s Not a Love Triangle Anymore,”  “Avery–the Temper That Taunts,” and “Pasha–Even a Self-Proclaimed Genius Can Take a Fall.”





“Mansfield begins her new trilogy by dropping readers into a future that’s as propulsive as it is miserable. In marvelous, staccato prose, she describes Avery’s world as ‘Gray. The sky. The factory. The conveyor belt. The little pills that feed us, heal us, alter us–stabilize us.’ The GEBs are reminiscent of the pod people in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but are used so cleverly here that they feel totally fresh. Although the novel is aimed at young adults, sophisticated jolts of turmoil charge the narrative, as when Avery has ‘lost the time to let beauty perform its work on {her} spirit.’ Overall, this masterful series opener is in better company with William Gibson’s Neuromancer than safer fare such as The Hunger Games. An exhilarating ride, full of sheer drops and whiplash curves.”

A Word from Valerie Veatch, Director “Love Child” (HBO 2014)

Roll Call strikes at the fundamental nature of the human story. With humor, imagination, and gripping realism, Mansfield transports us to a world in which essential myths of our time play out and we are compelled to reexamine where we are as a society.” ~~Valerie Veatch,Director “Love Child” (HBO 2014) and “Me @ the Zoo (HBO 2012). Sundance Film Festival 2012, 2014.

F9 transplants a forest in ROLL CALL, but this guy’s for real!

Read the CSGlobe online. Jadab Payeng of India worked from 16 years old to when he was 47, planting a forest in an area of his homeland in Mulai that was wiped out by floods. 1360 acres! In ROLL CALL F9 Transplants transplants an entire forest because the author breathed life into the idea–but this guy, Payeng, did it one tree at a time. Celebrating his amazing environmental accomplishment.

Photo shoot, Red Grove forest.

"I pick up a pigeon and stroke the top of its head, whispering in its ear--imagining my words might direct it. 'Go home,' I say and give it a shove into the night air. To Pasha I say, 'Let's have a roll call of our own.'" --Avery DeTornada

“I pick up a pigeon and stroke the top of its head, whispering in its ear–imagining my words might direct it. ‘Go home,’ I say and give it a shove into the night air. To Pasha I say, ‘Let’s have a roll call of our own.'” –Avery DeTornada